Enjoy and explore the ancient villages and fertile countryside of Emilia Romagna and the Marche.

We have arranged excursions and tours for many years and we will ensure that your trip becomes unique and a memory that will last!

Ravenna: Ravenna is located near a magnificent pinewood and boasts an extraordinary number of basilicas, baptisteries and mausoleums. The harmony of the classical-style buildings blends together with precious marbles and the famous Byzantine mosaics. The city is also well known for its main street lined with fashion boutiques.

Santarcangelo: Santarcangelo is a very special town with its strong traditions that continue to live even today. Here you can visit the famous monuments, explore the caves o visit the local markets and find unique handcrafted items. Santarcangelo, with its close distance to the sea has an atmosphere all of its own that makes it different from the other towns in the hinterland

San Marino: This it the famous old republic with its historical heritage, museums and wonderful buildings. Beside the scenic beauty of the country, San Marino also offers a large assortment of arts, crafts and souvenirs together with a great shopping and amusement opportunities.

Gradara: This is an old hill town with a touch of a fairy tale. The legend goes that the famous characters of Paolo and Francesca liver here in the tragic love story created by Dante. When you walk trough the small and narrow streets of the town you can really feel the wind of the history and it will surely give you a touch of romance and poetry.